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Discover simple ways to be more energy efficient while you stay cool in the warmer months.

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I'm moving house. How do I connect my energy?

Connecting your energy to your new home is easy. Whether you're an existing customer or want to switch to us, we can help take the stress out of moving.

Our Power-on Guarantee and online move tracker means that you'll have peace of mind, the day you move in.^

Learn more about moving home.

^Power- on Guarantee is for Electricity customers only. If the power's not on after the agreed day, we'll cover your related expenses up to $250/day (GST incl.) until your power is on. You'll need to provide one business days' notice and ensure clear, safe access to the meter.

How do I update my AGL account?

As much as we love a good chat, you can now manage your energy anytime using My Account.

Wouldn't it be great if you could manage your energy account online and save yourself some time? Well, you're in luck – thanks to our online account management system.

Sure, you can always give us a bell on 131 245 and have a chinwag. But the easiest way to manage your account is with My Account. This dedicated online management tool lets you handle many account-related issues and tasks that you may have previously dealt with over the phone.

Once you've registered, you can log on and perform a number of tasks, such as:

  • View and monitor your energy usage and bill details
  • View and pay your bills
  • Choose to receive your bills via email and take the worry out of remembering to pay by setting up Direct Debit
  • Check the status of your solar system
  • Update your personal details
  • Track how much energy you are using

My Account is available for residential and small- to medium-business customers, so you can manage everything in one spot. You can even register two online accounts if you have another property, like a holiday home. That's pretty handy, eh?

There are some details, like your name and date of birth, that you can't change online. This is because we use those details to identify your account. If for some reason the details we have on file are incorrect, just call 131 245 and we'll fix the mistake.

If you're a new AGL Energy customer, you may have to wait a few days for your account to be set up for you to register and log into My Account. Just wait until you receive your welcome pack in the mail and then you're good to go.

Thanks to My Account, you no longer have to wait on hold to access your account details and make changes – just register and log on. Then you're all set to manage your account online. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

~Authored by Mark Gambino

Do I need to be at my property when my electricity supply is connected?

Only if you live in Queensland.

However, no matter which state you live in, please remember to switch off your electricity supply at the meter using the main switch before we can make the connection. This may happen as early as 7am on your requested date. 

How can I request more time to pay?

We understand that life doesn't always go to plan, and sometimes you just need a little more time or assistance with your bill.

AGL offers a range of payment options, including some simple online tools. If you're having trouble paying, you may be eligible for a payment extension. Click here to view your payment extension options via My Account

Or, you can chat with us or follow the prompts below to see if you qualify for a payment plan.

Call 131 245 

  • Press 2 for payments, bill extensions and account balances.
  • Press 2 to extend time to pay bill.
  • Press 2 for gas or Press 3 for electricity. 

    Have your account number and recent bill handy.

For additional other options that might be available to you: 

  • Check whether you qualify for a payment plan, relief scheme or a government funded concession. 
  • Learn more about AGL's payment options that make budgeting easier. 
  • If you're a Victorian AGL residential customer experiencing temporary or long-term financial difficulty which impact your ability to pay a gas and/or electricity bill, you're entitled to assistance as part of AGL's Payment Support Victoria program.

What’s the best thing to do in the event of a power outage?

A power outage can be inconvenient and frustrating, but here are a few ways to make it easier to cope with.

Experiencing a total loss of power can be a frightening thing. You could be watching TV or having dinner with the family, when suddenly you're plunged back into the Dark Ages. Not fun.

First of all, don't panic. Unless there's a major emergency in your home or the local area, power outages are usually temporary.

If you think the outage poses a threat to your life or property – like a powerline has come down outside – immediately call 000 and talk to an emergency operator. They'll provide instructions on what to do next.

If it's not an emergency, stick your head outside to see if there are any other lights on in your street or area. If it's just you, you should be able to see streetlights or other people's house lights. Knowing this can help you swiftly find out why you've lost power.

There are a number of companies that supply electricity to various areas. You can use our electricity distributor lookup tool to find out who distributes power in your area. The companies are:

  • Victoria (electricity), New South Wales (gas): Jemena Electricity – 131 626.
  • Victoria: United Energy – 132 099.
  • Victoria: CitiPower – 131 280.
  • Victoria: Powercor – 132 412.
  • Victoria: AusNet Services – 131 799.
  • Queensland: Energex  – 13 62 62
  • South Australia: SA Power Networks – 13 12 61.

Your distributor is the first place to call to report your fault and have it investigated.

If you have access to the internet on a phone or tablet, you can visit our page on Emergencies and Outages, which will tell you if there's a fault or emergency in your area. Rest assured that if the issue lies with us we'll be doing everything we can to restore services as soon as possible. Check back regularly to see the status of the outage.

Planning ahead

So as not to get caught unawares by a power outage, a good thing to do is keep an AGL bill around, like on the fridge or in your bottom kitchen drawer. On the front of your bill you'll find a Faults and Emergencies phone number.

Also, keep a torch handy – either by the front door or on a key ring. There's nothing worse than bumping your shin on a piece of furniture when moving around in the dark. This can also help you find the Faults and Emergencies contact number on your bill.

By following these simple tips you'll be out of the dark as soon as possible.

~Authored by Mark Gambino

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